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Definitely a female line, with particular attention to taste, style and comfort, but without disregarding the technical solutions, which make it suitable both for the most exacting woman riding during long training sessions and those who simply want to do some aerobic activity. More technical garments and others which pursue comfort, lightness and breathability, with trendy graphics and colours.

Sole Lady Jersey
02280101116E000.10 - Sole Lady Jersey
Agua Lady Jersey
02281601116E001.10 - Agua Lady Jersey
Agua Zip Lady Tank
02281701116E000.10 - Agua Zip Lady Tank
Graziosa Lady Jersey LS
02288001116E000.10 - Graziosa Lady Jersey LS
Sole Lady X Top
02282101116E000.10 - Sole Lady X Top
Nalinissima Lady Mini Top
02279401116E000.10 - Nalinissima Lady Mini Top
Butterfly Sweat
02299601116E000.10 - Butterfly Sweat
Butterfly Ti
02282401116E000.10 - Butterfly Ti
Butterfly Short
02282201116E000.10 - Butterfly Short
Pandora Body
02283201116E000.10 - Pandora Body
Pandora Lady Bike Ti
02283101116E000.10 - Pandora Lady Bike Ti
Sole Optical Tank
02282701116E000.10 - Sole Optical Tank
Luna Optical Ti
02288101116E000.10 - Luna Optical Ti
Luna Optical Tank
02280801116E000.10 - Luna Optical Tank
Acquaria Lady Jersey
02281101116E000.10 - Acquaria Lady Jersey
Campionessa Lady Jersey
02281001116E000.10 - Campionessa Lady Jersey
Agua Lady Bibshort
02281901116E000.10 - Agua Lady Bibshort
Agua Lady Short
02281801116E000.10 - Agua Lady Short
Nalinissima Lady Short
02280001116E000.10 - Nalinissima Lady Short
Nalinissima Lady Bermuda
02279701116E001.10 - Nalinissima Lady Bermuda
02176901116E000.10 - Nese
Agnena Soft Pant
02297501116E000.10 - Agnena Soft Pant
Lenta Soft Bermuda
02283001116E000.10 - Lenta Soft Bermuda
Acquaria Jkt
02189401100C600.10 - Acquaria Jkt
Acquaria Vest
02190801116E000.10 - Acquaria Vest
Acquaria Jkt 1
02203601116E001.10 - Acquaria Jkt 1
Acquaria Vest 1
02203701116E001.10 - Acquaria Vest 1