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Inspired by new trends and the world of Criterium racing, held on short city tracks, often at night and on singlespeed bikes, the Blue Label represents the most advanced line in terms of style. Garments with a clean design for race function, interpreted with a contemporary taste, where Italian style meets Anglo-Saxon influences and referes to urban, hipster and social communities. Technical, light and performance materials build the Blu Short Leg Suit, whilst other very innovative fabrics are made of fibers obtained from the recycling of PET bottles.

Crit Body
02273001116E000.10 - Crit Body
Crit Jersey 2
02273101116E000.10 - Crit Jersey 2
Crit Ti
02272901116E000.10 - Crit Ti
New Mavone
02272801116E000.10 - New Mavone
Crit Cap
02302801116E000.07 - Crit Cap
Bovisa Cap
02302901116E000.07 - Bovisa Cap
02303001116E000.33 - BLUE SUMMER SOCKS (H.19)