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Extremely technical and performance line, specifically derived from Nalini experience in the world of professional teams and cyclists. Exclusive fabrics and treatments, very tight-fitting, innovative technical solutions, specific pads: the maximum you may ask to a cycling garment. It consists of two lines with matching accessories, according to technical features and purposes: Aeprolight, characterized by extreme lightness and aerodynamic, and especially designed for warm climates, and Nanodry, with overwear garments featuring an innovative water-repellent coating, suitable for an year-round use in different weather conditions.

Aeprolight Body
02181401116E000.10 - Aeprolight Body
Crono Body
02270501116E000.10 - Crono Body
Aeprolight Mesh Ti
02191701116E000.10 - Aeprolight Mesh Ti
Xrace Logo Ti
02270301116E001.10 - Xrace Logo Ti
Xtornado Ti
02270201116E000.10 - Xtornado Ti
02276101116E000.10 - N1 TI
Integra Bib Short
02270801116E000.10 - Integra Bib Short
Aeprolight Bib Short 1
02270601116E000.10 - Aeprolight Bib Short 1
Xrace Waterproof Jkt
02272501116E000.10 - Xrace Waterproof Jkt
Black Wind Jkt
02254401116E000.10 - Black Wind Jkt
X Protector Wind Jersey
02272301116E000.10 - X Protector Wind Jersey
Nanodry Arm
02192501100C600.10 - Nanodry Arm
Nanodry Leg
02192201110C000.10 - Nanodry Leg
Nanodry Knee
02192301116E000.10 - Nanodry Knee
Aeprolight Gloves
02192701116E000.10 - Aeprolight Gloves
Nanodry Shoecover
02192401110C000.10 - Nanodry Shoecover