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Gara Covershoes

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Wind-proof thermo fleece covershoes

• Neoprene frontal inserts
• Embossed instep
• Water-repellent coated side zipper
• Reflective details

Sizes: S (37/38) – XXL (45/46)
Moa Fitting: Race
Garments with anatomical and ergonomic cut for demanding cyclists.
Moa Fabrics: Air Moa
Air Moa fabrics are developed to ensure exceptional wind resistance and thermal protection.
Although their lightweight, they provide quick drying and durability.
In order to better meet different protection requirements Air Moa fabrics are realized in 4 versions depending on weight, treatments and membranes.
Air Moa
Moa Membranes: Moa Mantovent
It is a breathable and air resistant coating.
Thanks to the composition (100% pu) and to the unique structure of the polymer, it represents the concrete solution for creating highly protective, long lasting, resistent garments which are at the same time soft touch, elastic and light.
Permeability to water vapour 500/m2x24h.
Air and wind resistant 15 mm/s.
Moa Mantovent
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