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Authentic Wind Tight

  • 4050
  • 4100
  • 4000

Thermo bibtight with wind-proof inserts conceived for autumn riding.

• Frontal inserts in wind-proof fabric
• Warm and breathable mesh body
• Silicone gripper at the ankles
• Camlock ankle zippers with reflective tape for high visibility

Sizes: S-4XL
Moa Fitting: Race
Garments with anatomical and ergonomic cut for demanding cyclists.
Moa Fabrics: Air Moa
Air Moa fabrics are developed to ensure exceptional wind resistance and thermal protection.
Although their lightweight, they provide quick drying and durability.
In order to better meet different protection requirements Air Moa fabrics are realized in 4 versions depending on weight, treatments and membranes.
Air Moa
Moa Treatments: Moa Manto W.R.T.
The revolutionary waterproof treatment with a drops roll-off effect rejects water, but also oil and mud, preventing them from penetrating into the fibres.
The result is not only a maximum protection from the weathering but also easy wash and long lasting garments.
Moa Manto W.R.T.
Moa Membranes: Moa Mantotex
A thermoregulating membrane that offers excellent protection against water and wind, and maintains the microclimate between the skin and fabric wicking perspiration away.
The extreme lightness and the shape recovery grant an excellent comfort without affecting the specific functionality.
With a water resistance > 10.000 mm and a breathability of 900 g/m2 day, Moa Mantotex is one of the most suitable membranes for sport activities.
Moa Mantotex
Moa Cycling Pads: Ride Man

Specifically designed for male anatomy, this pad is distinguished by an excellent fitting, thank to the elasticity of the material used. The innovativen manufacturing technique force the rider to constantly assume a correct position. The hydrophilic and hydrophobic attributes of the components enables excellent draining and a consequent sensation of freshness.

Ride Man
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