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Red Label

The line for everybody and for everyday. Derived from most technical garments, it represents the ideal synthesis of comfort, functionality and performance, which makes it suitable for the keen amateur, long training sessions, and for the less demanding social cyclist . The use of technical fabrics of different weight and

thickness, all characterized by extreme quick drying, allows the selection of suitable garments for any weather condition, from spring to early summer, from full summer to full season windproof shells and layers. Design and graphics characterize this line, giving the garments a dynamic and aggressive look.

Double Xwarm Jkt
02226301115I000.10 - Double Xwarm Jkt
Classica Jkt
02228701115I000.10 - Classica Jkt
Velocissima Xwarm Jkt.
02335601100C000.10 - Velocissima Xwarm Jkt.
Scatto Xwarm Jkt
02335801100C000.10 - Scatto Xwarm Jkt
Nalini X Warm Jkt
02336601100C000.10 - Nalini X Warm Jkt
Alpe X Warm Jkt
02336301100C000.01 - Alpe X Warm Jkt
Monte Wind Jkt
02336001100C000.10 - Monte Wind Jkt
Curva Medium Wind Jersey
02226401115I000.10 - Curva Medium Wind Jersey
Road Warm Vest 2
02226601115I000.10 - Road Warm Vest 2
Confine Ti
02227401115I000.10 - Confine Ti
Mantova Warm Jersey
02337901100C000.10 - Mantova Warm Jersey
Sinello Warm Jersey
02337801100C000.10 - Sinello Warm Jersey
Logo Ti
02234301115I000.10 - Logo Ti
Wind Xwarm Tight 1
02227901115I000.10 - Wind Xwarm Tight 1
Wind Xwarm Pants 1
02228201115I000.10 - Wind Xwarm Pants 1
Authentic Wind Tight
02227701115I000.10 - Authentic Wind Tight
Classica Bib Tight
02226701115I000.10 - Classica Bib Tight
Classica Warm Bermuda
02338401100C000.10 - Classica Warm Bermuda
Double Xwarm Tight
02227801115I000.10 - Double Xwarm Tight
Logo Bib Tight
02226801115I000.10 - Logo Bib Tight
Logo Pants
02227501115I000.10 - Logo Pants
02189701100C000.10 - Evo
02190901100C000.10 - Mesa
02191401100C000.10 - Mesino
02189901100C000.10 - Aria
02190201100C000.10 - Arietta
Nalini Balaclava
02243701100C000.10 - Nalini Balaclava
Uni Balaclava
02243801100C000.10 - Uni Balaclava
Thermo Hat
02243901100C000.27 - Thermo Hat
Warm Hat
02244001100C000.27 - Warm Hat
Warm Gaitor
02244201100C000.27 - Warm Gaitor
Red Arm
02191801100C000.10 - Red Arm
Red Leg
02191901100C000.10 - Red Leg
Red Thermo Gloves
02242101100C000.10 - Red Thermo Gloves
Prime Thermo Gloves
02242201100C000.10 - Prime Thermo Gloves
Pure Mid Gloves
02193301100C000.10 - Pure Mid Gloves
Gara Covershoes
02242501100C000.10 - Gara Covershoes
Pista Mid Covershoes
02242601100C000.27 - Pista Mid Covershoes
Salita End
02242801100C000.27 - Salita End
Red Shoecover
02191601100C000.10 - Red Shoecover
Strada Socks (H.6)
02243001100C000.27 - Strada Socks (H.6)
Strada Socks (H.9)
 02243101100C000.27 - Strada Socks (H.9)
Corsa Socks (H.13)
02243501100C000.27 - Corsa Socks (H.13)
Corsa Socks (H.19)
02243401100C000.27 - Corsa Socks (H.19)
Salita Socks (H.15)
02243301100C000.27 - Salita Socks (H.15)
Authentic Socks (H.19)
02243601100C000.27 - Authentic Socks (H.19)