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Icon Products

Moa Lab, integrated revolution

With Integra project Moa Lab introduces
a new vision in cycling garment design
and assembling where comfort, technical
solutions, features and design integrate
accordingly. Every single detail has been
focusing on removing excess whilst
reinforcing what’s essential.
Integra Winter Bib Tight is the icon product of
this revolution. Thanks to its anatomical
cut specifically conceived for a race
position, any stitching in excess has been
removed: pants and chamois merged
together create one single central panel
which is the fusion of two finest fibres in
a unique fabric; at the same time gripping
silicone is directly glued on leg’s end with
no need to stitch any additional elastic
band. A flat sealing fixes braces to the
pants and where necessary, 4needle
flat-lock stitchings ensure a maximum

What women want

Cycling is now-day something popular
also for women, a growing portion
of lady cyclists is now not only looking for
aerobics benefits, but competitive level
Agua Lady Bib Tight is the feminine
race solution, a product which is able to
combine technical solutions and comfort.
An integrated double fabric for pressure
area together with a minimalist chamois
design perfectly combine features
and fine looking. Braces here are able
to adapt to different body shapes thanks
to their adjustable attitude, whilst quick
release is granted by their specific shape.
4Needle flat-lock stitching
on central and side panels reduce
any impact on the skin, as well as
gripping fabric at leg’s end enriched
by reflective details improving visibility
and safety.